Seo 200+ Terms & Definitions

Above the Fold Content that appears on a website before the first time a user scrolls . See digital marketing company in delhi . Anchor Text The clickable word or words of a link. also know as hyperlink . Help search engine to understand the context about the link Authority The combination of signals search […]


Top Tips For Website Ranking in Google

What could be the digital strategies can be used for making your website to be at top on google ranking? If you have a website that can bring you clients for your business, no doubt you would want it to appear on top of Google search. With competition, everyone tries their website to get top […]

Keyword Is The King

Keyword is the King – Are Your Placing it Right?

Keyword density maybe defined as the percentage of the total number of times a particular keyword that tends to appear on a page divided by the total number of words the page contain. Suppose an article contains 100 words and a particular keyword is being used 10 times so in that case keyword density will […]

SEO Trends

How the SEO Trends Are Changing in 2019

SEO is a very complex science since it contains over 200 hypotheses in Google Algorithms. The ever changing nature of SEO game makes it more complicated and challenging. As the various search engines seek to develop the quality of the search results, some of the ranking features shift shapes and also completely new one arises. […]

How Content Marketing Can Save the Day for You

As a content developer, you’re should be aware of the immense pressure of getting a single piece done. Market and audience research, topic sourcing and selecting, planning and implementing, collaboration, editing and revisions, and sourcing authoritative data to back up ideas, etc., are extremely time-taking tasks. Here are some easy way outs to help you […]